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General Information

ImageHunting Season

Zimbabwe - hunting can be conducted all year round. The prime hunting period is during the  months of May - October. November - March is the general rainy season, which makes accessibility to certain areas limited. May, June and July are the coolest months, these are generally the best times for hunting cats. 

Tanzania - July 1 - December 31 (weather permitting, in general most Selous hunting areas not accessible after mid November, however most, if not all Masailand areas are accessible until end of the hunting season.

These are in the traditional tented east African style or thatched chalets all with ensuite e  bath/toilets. Each camp is fully equipped with fridge/freezers, lighting / power is 220 volts, provided by generators. Camps have 2 way h.f radio communications, and by special arrangement, satellite phone communication. Meals are prepared by the camp chef using the finest fresh foods and vegetables. Laundry is done daily in camp.

We recommend you bring either a .375 H+H or .416 to hunt Buffalo, Lion, Hippo or Elephant, anything in the .30 caliber range is suitable for the leopard and plains game species. Barnes X, Nosler Partition, Swift A frame bullets all work very well in African conditions. Make sure for your heavy caliber rifle you bring 20 solid bullets / 20 soft bullets , and the lighter caliber’s  bring 60 - 100 rounds soft point bullets - 180 grain being the most suitable and effective on soft skin animals. We highly recommend that you practice with your rifles before your hunt, to ensure that you are comfortable with your rifles & ammunition you will use whilst on safari.

Hunting vehicles are 4x4 Toyota Land cruisers, fully equipped with winches, 2 spare wheels, first  aid kit and 12volt freezers to ensure after a good days hunting you have ice cold drinks to quench your thirst.

Due to weight and space restrictions on the small charter aircraft, and considering that laundry is done daily while in camp, we recommend you use the following as a guideline:-

  • 4 lightweight cotton shirts, short or long sleeved as you wish.
  • 2 lightweight cotton trousers - long
  • 4 lightweight cotton trousers - short
  • 4 thin cotton T-shirts
  • 6 pairs of either wool or cotton socks
  • 1 windbreaker or unlined Gore-Tex jacket for chilly mornings
  • 1 lightweight pullover or fleece jacket
  • 2 pairs of hunting shoes, we recommend Russell Boots, they have been tried & tested
  • 1 cap/jungle hat


  • 1 small lightweight backpack for storage of camera, films, spare ammunition and equipment while hunting
  • 1 Swiss-Army-knife with lock-blade or similar folding knife
  • 1 Mini-Maglite or similar flashlight per person for moving around camp after dusk; spare batteries and bulbs
  • 1 soft rifle bag
  • Cartridge carrier
  • 1 small cleaning kit for your weapons
  • Spare glasses and/or contacts, if you depend on vision aides
  • Sunglasses
  • All prescription medicine is sufficient quantities, we have a very comprehensive medical kit in camp, however it might be good to bring some of the common drugs for minor ailments. Paracetamol or similar, Antibiotic Cream for small cuts, etc, Anti-Histamine for insect bites, broad-spectrum antibiotics etc
    Malaria drugs, as prescribed by your physician, in sufficient quantities

ImagePassports / Visas
It is essential that all travelers have a valid passport. Visas if required can usually be purchased at point of entry. Please check with your travel agent before departure.

Airport Tax
All persons departing from any major domestic airport, whether chartered of scheduled flights, are required to pay US$5 departure tax. International departure tax of US$30 is normally included in the cost of the ticket. Please check this with your travel agent before departure. It is advisable to carry small denominations for this purpose.

Payments In Camp
STRICTLY cash or Traveler’s cheques will be accepted for trophy fees and other payments at the conclusion of your safari. Personal cheques will not be accepted under any circumstances.


We strongly recommend that you obtain the following types of insurances:

Accidental death and disability
Emergency medical evacuation
Trip cancellation
Major Medical
Loss of personal effects

Any safari activity is potentially hazardous Nyakasanga Hunting Safaris will take every precaution of the well being of its clients, however the company will not accept responsibility for any illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred during the safari or any expense arising from such illness, accident or loss.








  • A deposit of 50% of quoted safari daily rates is payable to confirm a safari and safari dates. Only once the deposit has been received,and the client has signed a safari contract ,will a safari and safari dates be reserved for the client.
  • Balance of the quoted safari daily rates are due and payable no later than 30 days prior to the commencement date of the hunt. Trophy fees for animals killed/wounded and lost, and additional charges such as dipping/packing, transport costs,aircharters etc are payable in camp on completion of the hunt in either us$cash or travellers cheques.NO personal cheques / credit card payments will be accepted.


  • In the event a client cancels the scheduled safari more than 180 days prior to the commencement date, clients deposit, less an administration fee of US$3000 shall be refunded
  • In the event a Client cancels a safari less than 180 days prior to the safari commencement date, Clients deposit shall be forfeited and retained by Nyakasanga Hunting Safaris as liquidated damages unless Nyakasanga Hunting Safaris or the client are able to fill the same safari dates with a newly acquired client. If the company is notified in writing by the client , it may at its own discretion authorise to move the safari to an alternate date / year / season.The client is then liable for any increase in fees pertaining to the hunt year to which the deposit has been moved.
  • In the event a Client cancels the safari less than sixty (60) days prior to the safari commencement date,unless he can find a replacement client for the safari and safari dates, Client expressly understands and agrees that Client is absolutely liable to Nyakasanga Hunting Safaris for the full, complete and total payment of the Basic Safari Costs, set forth in the Safari contract Agreement and all money paid prior to such cancellation shall be forfeited by the Client and retained by Nyakasanga Hunting Safaris as a credit against the full and final payment of such liability for the Basic Safari Cost.


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